"Thank you for the education that you have provided concerning this type of work. I know that knowing you've made a difference is not necessarily your motivation but the difference you make extends further than to just the professionals you may encounter. The patient story I shared with you would have been different had I not experienced the Coleman training. To be honest, I was very skeptical and somewhat arrogant in my thinking process. However I value humility and openness so I gave it a shot. As a result I had the privilege of watching a patient become able rather than continuing to enable the patient and I am confident the sustainability of the success he experienced would not have been possible without the tools I acquired from attending your training."
~ Transitions Coach

Transitions Coach® Training Options:

The Care Transitions Program® has the exclusive authority to provide training on the Care Transitions InterventionSM. Please do not accept training offers from other entitities.

We offer a menu of training options at different price structures to meet the needs of larger and smaller organizations. Trainings are led by members of the Care Transitions Program® team. Participants initially gain expertise in the content of the Care Transitions Intervention® through our web-based training portal. Then participants join a one-day intensive, interactive, case-based training session designed to solidify learnings and discuss strategies for successful implementation of the Care Transitions Intervention®.

The CTI training registration fee includes:

Customized readiness evaluation with attention to workflow and partner engagements through the completion of the Readiness Assessment Tool (prior to the face-to-face training experience).

Access to our Web based training platform to review the content and the process of the intervention and take a pre-training quiz to ensure adequate understanding of the key content (prior to the face-to-face training experience). Participants have access to this ongoing educational tool for a year from the date of training.

Attend the highly interactive simulation-based face-to-face CTI® training experience. During training you will have the opportunity to learn how to incorporate CTI® tools into the role of Transitions Coach so that they become second nature. You will also have access to our expert training team to get your individual questions answered.

Following training, new Transitions Coaches are invited to our monthly CTI® Community Learning calls. The format of the calls is peer-to-peer learning where your colleagues bring challenging cases, new techniques and best practices, and provide positive reinforcement for the Transitions Coach role. On these calls you will learn about upcoming changes in health policy that will help you and your organization be prepared. Joining these call is a great way to stay connected with your colleagues and the Care Transitions Program® team.

Regional Training

There are multiple training offerings throughout the year. The Care Transitions Program® reserves the right to modify training dates depending on participant demand and/or availability of member of our training team. Please do not assume you are enrolled in a training or make your travel reservations until you have received confirmation from Sue Rosenbek. These trainings last 1 day and occur in Aurora, Colorado (between the city of Denver and Denver's airport). Trainees must cover their own travel expenses.

On Site Training

These trainings last 1.5 days and are hosted by a single organization requesting a private training event for Transitions Coach® trainees. These trainings are for groups of up to 35 trainees. The host site provides a suitable training venue that allows for small group learning and refreshments.

Completing the Care Transitions Intervention® training does not authorize you to train others.

Additional Services:

These services can be incorporated with any CTI® training option, and allow organizations greater flexibility to customize additional training to meet individualized needs.

Telephonic Consultation

Telephonic services are customized to the specific needs of each client, and organizations requesting this service will pay per hour of professional consultation. We will request 50% of estimated hourly fees at the time of booking, with balance to be paid after event.

On Site Shadowing

This service provides on site shadowing by a CTI® master trainer for coaches in the field. Organizations requesting this service will pay per hour for professional shadowing, and direct payment and/or reimbursement for trainer travel expenses. We will request 50% of estimated hourly fees at the time of booking, with balance to be paid after event.


The Care Transitions Intervention® team is pleased to offer scholarships to attend training! Please click here for scholarship details. The scholarship program can be revoked without notice.
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The Care Transitions Program® has the exclusive authority to provide training on the Care Transitions Intervention®. Please do not accept training offers from other entitities. To learn more about our menu of training options, please click here and a member of our Care Transitions Program® team will contact you.

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