Patient Testimonials

  • Continuity
    "My Transitions Coach® has helped me to feel more confident in managing my heart condition. I feel as though I am in charge of my health and I am less reliant on others."

  • Follow-up
    "It made me feel like someone cared and was paying attention to me - the fact that people are interested in you, that thereís somebody who has the ability and is trained and interested in your welfare."

  • Accessibility
    "I felt secure knowing that I could reach my Transitions Coach® when I needed help."

  • Medication management
    "I appreciated the home visit most of all - when she came over here and talked to me and we went over some of the medicine I was taking. The Transitions Coach ® came to my house and sat down at the table and I sat on the other side. We sat right there and opened up, got all the medications straightened out."

    "The home visit was the most beneficial to my wife and me. She takes so many medications and in the past has been confused on how to keep them straight. The Transitions Coach® helped us to learn how to use a medication organizer that made it easy to know which ones had been taken and which pills needed to be taken. The Transitions Coach® also advised us how to talk to our doctor to ask if some of the medications could be stopped. My wife now takes only 5 medications instead of 8."

    "They sent me home from the hospital with that nebulizer. I had no idea how to use it, which medication to put in it, nothing, because the hospital staff never told me what to do. They just said, 'Here, itís yours. Take it home and use it'. So the Transitions Coach® helped us out with that, she was helpful."

  • The Personal Health Record
    "The Personal Health Record is handy to have, because everythingís written down in it. Especially your medications, because you can forget to take things like that to the doctor and you get there and you can remember the medications but you canít remember the milligrams and so forth. So I thought that was very handy. A good thing to have."

    "That little purple booklet [the Personal Health Record] was really helpful to me, the one with the medications. I carry it with me in my purse at all times. It helps me to remember what medication, the milligrams, and what they are used for. Before, I had this sickness and they had to rush me to the hospital and I couldnít tell them anything about the medication or anything. So now this will help other people know what medication I'm on. And then when I go to the doctor I donít have to say anything to them - I just bring it out and hand it to them. And anytime I have a new medication, I add it on. So itís been real helpful to me."

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