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Thank you for your interest in the Care Transitions Measure®. There is no charge for use of this instrument. However, in order to track the interest and use of the measure for our funders, we ask that you complete the form below, indicating your name, e-mail address, institutional affiliation, and intended use/population.

Upon submission of this information, you will be linked to the two versions of the measure, translated into Spanish: the CTM-15® and CTM-3®, as well as their scoring instructions in English. The CTM® is also available in several other languages; these versions can be accessed through the links on the right.

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To access the CTM® tools please scroll down and fill out the form.

The Care Transitions Intervention® and all of its materials are the property of the Care Transitions Program®. The Care Transitions Program® is solely authorized to provide training on the Care Transitions Intervention®. If another entity offers to train your organization, please contact us.

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