"The home visit was the most beneficial to my wife and me. She takes so many medications and in the past has been confused on how to keep them straight. The Transitions Coach® helped us to learn how to use a medication organizer that made it easy to know which ones had been taken and which pills needed to be taken. The Transitions Coach ®also advised us how to talk to our doctor to ask if some of the medications could be stopped. My wife now takes only 5 medications instead of 8."
~ patient testimonial

Many Transitions Coaches have shared their delight in the practice of Transitions Coaching with us. We often hear “ this is why I went into a health care profession in the first place!”

We have also received feedback from Transitions Coaches about the impact of Transitions Coaching in other aspects of their lives. Here is one of those stories.

“I am a new new board member of a community nonprofit organization. At my first meeting the discussion was about incentives to make clients cooperate; giving away supplies and designing a tool to assess the clients’ so we could determine what was best for them. I suggested that perhaps we should ask the clients about their goals, and that helping clients work toward their goals would be the most effective incentive. I suggested that we no longer take away a clients’ ownership of whatever issues he/she might face but problem solve with them possible solutions. I can’t tell you how surprised I was that, after less than a year, the coaching model seemed more second nature to me than the case management model that I had practiced for so many previous years. I know CTI was designed for a different population with entirely different needs; however, the coaching perspective is so powerful and actually has a better cost/result ratio, that I wanted to share my experience with others.“

The Transitions Coach® is key to encouraging the patient and family caregiver to assume a more active role in their care. The Transitions Coach® does not fix problems and does not provide skilled care. Rather, they model and facilitate new behaviors and communication skills for patients and families to feel confident that they can successfully respond to common problems that arise during care transitions. Thus in the role of patient empowerment facilitator, the Transitions Coach® provides information and guidance to the patient and/or family for an effective care transition, improved self management skills and enhanced patient-practitioner communication.

Video Clips

As part of our dissemination effort, the Care Transitions Program® has collected several short video clips of patients participating in and commenting on the Intervention. The clips below show patients in hospital and home visits, interacting with a practitioner, and commenting on the utility of the intervention.

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